Important advice for newlyweds

Generally speaking, for most couples, the first few years of marriage are the most difficult. Don’t think that your problem will be solved just because you love it so much! The following are suggestions for holding a wedding, getting together, and communicating with people who walked down the aisle many years ago.


  • If any part of your ceremony or reception is planned to take place outdoors, make sure you have a rain contingency plan, and then forget about it. As long as you have a plan in place, you will be covered, although it may not be the look you want, but it will be cute anyway. By the way, any major problems that arise will mostly appear in the last 1-2 weeks. Before that, my voyage was quite smooth, and then everything became chaotic. So just make a plan and don’t stress too much until the end, because that’s when the real cause of stress will appear.
  • Well, you must give up this perfect wedding item. If you are exhausted from finding all the “perfect” things you can’t look at directly, how will you enjoy your wedding? No matter what you do, this day will not be perfect. Just accept it. In fact, it will be perfect because you want to marry the man you love. This is important.
  • The whole thing is about family, friends, celebrations, you and your fiance, enjoying the people around you, and being with friends and family. If you are stressed about all the details and do not actually relax and enjoy this day, including the previous days, then you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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  • Don’t believe what anyone tells you about expectations of marriage, or about becoming a husband or wife. Be true to yourself and let your spouse do the same. Then love each other’s true self, not each other’s image. Nancy
  • Life will become tense. It always does. Committed to making time to do pleasant things together. Think of every pleasant experience as a bank deposit, which you can withdraw when you are stressed. Also remember that when you are used to each other, you will occasionally enjoy time alone. this is normal. simple
  • Actions speak louder than words; don’t just tell your partner your love, show it!
  • Brun
  • Don’t make “hypotheses”, they will backfire. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Try to determine what will happen if you only have… and nothing is done. You become you because of the decisions you made in the past. Someone is someone your spouse is in love with. Whenever you feel sad, hurt or angry, it is time to apply the 10-year rule. Does this still matter 10 years from now? If it will (moral, legal, etc.), then deal with it. If it’s not (dress mode, choice of TV show, music/sports, etc.), then give up. Life is really too short. Note: This is equally effective for family, friends and colleagues. Donna Ye
  • At least once a week, use fine porcelain and crystals (don’t just leave things in your cupboards idle!)-even if you only eat pizza. Enjoy a candlelight dinner. Turn off the phone and TV. But don’t plan it, surprise your spouse. This is a beautiful, romantic surprise-it makes each other feel special. The key here is to do something that makes the other person feel special, and be spontaneous and romantic. Turnip green

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  • mutual respect. Marcia
  • Express your deepest fears and craziest dreams-if you can’t, either because you don’t trust your spouse, or you will feel embarrassed, should you really marry him/her?
  • Guan Tao
  • Meet in the middle…
  • questionable
  • conflicting
  • Bed

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