Is aging the secret of happiness?

Happiness and age are related, but not what you think. In most cases, our culture is driven by young people, so we assume that young and beautiful people also happen to be the happiest. Young people with time may seem happy, but their idea of ​​being happier is not necessarily true. Happiness may actually increase with age.

For some young people, it may be incredible to think that their grandparents are happier than them, but research shows that despite their health and other problems, as they age, Americans actually become happier. . However, before we celebrate, let’s take a look at the evidence about aging and happiness.

Happiness trend

Let’s face it: research related to happiness is full of judgment and subjectivity, because happiness is subjective. How can you be sure that a research participant who says “I’m happy” is really happy? Maybe they are satisfied with less? Maybe their happiness is based on material wealth? Maybe every generation has different expectations of happiness? Researchers need to find solutions to these problems.

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Fortunately, since 1972, sociologists have conducted more than 50,000 interviews for the “Comprehensive Social Survey,” a sociological survey conducted by the National Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of Chicago. This survey, open to the public, provides a wealth of insights into our society and measures happiness over time. By comparing individuals in different age groups in the same year, the researchers were able to bypass some of these limitations, and they found that happiness does increase with age.

Aging America: a happy place

“How happy are you?” This is a big question that researchers ask year after year. Researchers not only found that older people tend to be happier, but that happiness is not something that older participants have in their lifetime. In other words, as people grow older, for example, from the age of 50, happiness will come to them.

As the media continue to warn us of the dangers of an aging America, please remember this: an aging America may be the happiest America we have ever seen. Perhaps this is because of the wisdom that comes with age, or because the elderly have adjusted their expectations of life. Regardless of the reason, there is solid evidence that American old people are indeed happier than young people.

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How to maximize your happiness

Ignore the social norms of youth = happiness, so as to improve one’s own happiness. As you grow older, make yourself feel happy. Don’t indulge in worrying about the little things. Take care of your health, and most importantly, let yourself go. Don’t think you have to show your age. Here are some tips to keep you alive, happy and fun as you age: