Is it safe for adults to take Flintstones vitamins?

Is it safe for adults to take Flintstones vitamins?

Adults and children: <2 years: not recommended. Take with food. 2 to 3 years: chew ½ tablet once a day.

Can I take 2 Flintstones vitamins a day?

Some recommended over-the-counter prenatal vitamins include: CVS, Rite Aid, K-Mart, Walgreens, or Target prenatal vitamins. Flintstones Complete Chewable (Take 2 daily)

Are Flintstone vitamins good vitamins?

The #1 pediatrician-recommended multivitamins could harm your kids, sources say. Many parents gave Flintstone vitamins to their children believing they were safe and healthy. It is considered the #1 multivitamin recommended by pediatricians for children.

What do Flintstone vitamins do for you?

This medication is a multivitamin and iron product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiencies due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy. Vitamins and iron are important building blocks of the body and help you stay healthy.

Which vitamins are good for adults?

Along with well-known nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, a good multivitamin will include:

  • Thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.
  • B6, B12 and folate.
  • Calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc.
  • Vitamins A (including beta-carotene), E and K.
  • Vitamin D2 or D3.
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Why do Flintstones vitamins turn black?

If your vitamins are softening or developing brown spots, it means they have already started to degrade and should probably be discarded. THE ESSENTIALS Storing vitamins in a medicine cabinet and other damp places can reduce their effectiveness.

What Happens If You Eat 3 Flintstone Vitamins?

Of all the possible vitamin toxicities that could occur after consuming too many vitamins, vitamin A toxicity is the most likely. Too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss, skin irritation, dizziness, difficulty walking, nausea and vomiting.

Can adults have children’s vitamins?

A: Absolutely. You can overdose on certain vitamins, which can lead to serious illness and even organ damage. I have heard of some doctors suggesting that adult patients take Flintstone children’s vitamins, especially if they are intolerant of other vitamins.

When should I take Flintstone vitamins?

Chew this medication thoroughly and swallow it, usually once a day or as directed. Follow all directions on the product package or follow your doctor’s instructions. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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Can you take a Flintstones multivitamin as an adult?

Yes, adults can take Flintstone vitamins if they cannot tolerate adult brands or prefer the sweet taste of the children’s vitamin. . Flintstones Complete chewables, gummies and sour gummies contain a range of nutrients typically found in standard 1⭐ multivitamins.

How many vitamins are there in Flintstones gummies?

Flintstones also makes Flintstones Plus, Flintstones Gummies and My First Flintstones Vitamins. Each Flintstones Complete tablet contains 100% of the Daily Value (DV) of nine vitamins for adults and children 4 years and older. The percentage is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

How many milligrams of iron in Flintstones Chewables?

Two tablets contain the same amount of iron — 18 milligrams, or 100% DV — as Complete Chewables. Should we take them? A balanced diet is the best way to get all the nutrients you need to be healthy. It usually can’t hurt to take Flintstones vitamins, but if you eat well, you don’t need it 1 ⭐ .

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How much sorbitol is in Flintstones Vitamins?

The negative symptoms of sorbitol can take effect when 10-50 grams are consumed. Children may be affected by even lower amounts. Still, the FDA concluded that the label was unnecessary. In addition to sorbitol, Flintstones with Iron vitamins contain fructose, another form of sugar.