Is there vitamin K in black beans?

Is there vitamin K in black beans?

Vitamin K: 2.8mg.

Can I eat black beans every day?

For this reason, the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend eating 3 cups of legumes or beans per week. Eating 1/2 cup of beans each day will help you reach your weekly goal.

Does avocado thicken your blood?

Foods containing salicylate, such as avocados, certain berries, peppers, and cherries, can also prevent blood from clotting. More studies are needed to see if they are as effective as prescription drugs. Buy ginger.

How much vitamin K is there in a cup of beans?

The basic type of beans is Dry, Green, Raw Beans, where the amount of vitamin k in 100 g is 14.4 ug. 14.4 ug of vitamin k per 100g, from beans, dry, green, raw corresponds to % of RDA in vitamin k. For a typical serving of 1 1/2 cups (or 100 g), the amount of vitamin K is 14.4 ug.

Which foods contain the most vitamin K?

Using the list below for the 54 different bean nutritional entries in our database, the highest amount of vitamin k is found in beans, snap, green, frozen, all styles, microwaved which contains 57.7 ug of vitamin k per 100 g. The associated percentage of RDA is %.

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What foods and drinks are low in vitamin K?

All dairy products and eggs are low in vitamin K. Besides black-eyed peas, soybeans, soy products and green beans, all beans and legumes are low in vitamin K. If you like juice , here are some low vitamin K juice recipes. Avoid making big changes to your diet.

How much vitamin K in 100g Snap Green Beans?

100 calories of dry, green, raw beans correspond to a serving of 3.23 g and the amount of vitamin K is 46.45 ug. Other important and related nutrients and macronutrients such as fat, in 100 calories are as follows; Protein 5.9 g (9.68% AJR), Lipids 0.71 g (0% AJR), Carbohydrates 22.48 g (16.13% AJR).