The 11 best places to buy essential oils in 2022

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Today, the use of essential oils is a trend that has attracted much attention, but aromatherapy techniques have been used in countries such as India, China, and Egypt for nearly 6000 years. Essential oils come from flowers, roots, leaves, stems, and sometimes fruits. In recent years, people have conducted research on aromatherapy to determine its effects on the human brain and mood, as well as its role in mood, alertness and stress management.

Studies have shown that various odors have a profound effect on mood swings and changes. People believe that emotions are the direct result of sensory absorption, so the more pleasant the sensory experience, the more pleasant the emotions. This is a theory that combines aromatherapy and essential oils with other treatment techniques to help reduce depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, confusion, and even improve meditation practice.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, including applying directly to the skin, while bathing, and in a diffuser. Regardless of whether you prefer to use them, studies have shown that pleasant aromas can release the endorphin, serotonin, and norepinephrine chemicals in the brain that are related to feelings of calm and even euphoria.

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Here is the best place to buy safe essential oils.

Final verdict

Aromatics International is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced petroleum users. From carrier oil to diffusion oil, there are abundant choices, easy access and in-depth understanding of all its products, as well as third-party testing layers. They offer a variety of fragrances and products, including essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols and diffusers.

What to pay attention to when buying essential oils

Transparent information

A good oil brand is very transparent about the plant’s planting location, source, oil extraction method and bottling process to ensure quality. Quality brands hire certified aromatherapists and/or chemists to create essential oil combinations that provide the desired therapeutic effects.


High-quality oil is made from organically grown plants and contains zero additives. A good brand will provide information about its quality standards, ingredients and processing procedures. A high-quality brand will use various types of third-party testing to ensure quality. Oils and plants should be organic and 100% pure, with no additives or chemicals.

Price reflects quality

Organic plants shipped from all over the world and then carefully processed to improve quality is not a cheap process. The price will reflect this. If you find oil that looks very cheap, then you have probably found a bottle of oil-based chemicals. In the world of essential oils, you will definitely get what you pay for.


It is important to study each oil used and follow the instructions carefully to avoid skin burns or irritation during topical use. Some oils are considered “hot oils” and must be diluted before topical use. A good company will provide in-depth education and guidance on each oil to ensure you use it confidently, effectively and safely. A good oil company will provide education and instructions on the most effective and safe use of each oil product it sells.

Is it medicinal or fragrant?

Some oils are produced and marketed for medicinal purposes, and advertise their efficacy in treating everything from migraines to digestive problems. Other oils are sold as perfumes and used in the skin or diffusers as mood enhancers. This is an important difference, because oils used only for fragrance do not mean to be ingested.

Why trust is very good thinking?

As a licensed mental health consultant, Mary K. Tatum, MS, LMHC, has been working with people struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma for 17 years. Since entering the private clinic, she has always kept peppermint or lavender essential oil in her office. Mary chose to use diffusers in both the waiting room and the treatment office.

The oil in the waiting room helps calm people down before they start talking about difficult topics. She uses the scent of essential oils in her treatment office to help implement a technique called “grounding” in which the five senses help patients divert their attention from trauma to “here and now.”

Personally, she uses mint-scented essential oils in her diffuser to help focus and maintain a calm mood while working. For the past year, tranquility has been her daily mantra.