The 11 best slippers of 2021

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Since many people still work from home, the daily dress code has changed-meaning business on the upper level and comfort on the lower level. Although home wear can keep you comfortable throughout the working day, wearing slippers can completely enhance your overall mood.

For people with cold feet, walking barefoot can be distracting. A pair of warm slippers can help you withstand the cold immediately. Even if you are not worried about your feet getting cold, podiatrists often advise you not to walk without shoes-even in your own home.

According to the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ACFAS), walking barefoot on a hard surface for long periods of time puts pressure on the plantar fascia-a thick tissue that extends from the calcaneus to the toes. A pair of supportive slippers can ensure proper alignment and reduce unnecessary pressure on the feet.

This is the best slippers on the market.

If you are looking for fully insulated slippers that can be worn inside or outside, Acorn faux chinchilla slippers (view on Amazon) are a good choice. The outsole is made of thermoplastic rubber to provide stability and traction, and the artificial fur lining is very comfortable.

Men who want a timeless multifunctional slippers will find UGG Ascot slippers (view on Amazon) a good choice. These leather shoes are available in regular and wide widths, providing a comfortable feeling whether you are hanging out or running to the store. It also has a fleece lining-perfect for winter or those dealing with constant cold feet in the house.

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What to pay attention to when buying slippers


Mules or Scuff slippers: These pull-on halter styles cover almost two-thirds of the foot, while the heel and ankle remain free. They also almost always don’t show up.

Loafers: This enduring all-match single product combines the aesthetics of comfortable homewear with classic elegance. The open-toe style is a pull-on style with a simple design, usually made of leather and suede.

Moccasin shoes: As one of the oldest shoe-making methods in the book, moccasin shoes are made from a piece of material wrapped around the foot-with a seam on the top of the shoe. They are usually decorated with shellac, tassels, beadwork or embroidery.

Closed heel: The feature of this full-coverage design is that it completely wraps the heel and toes. Popular styles include loafers, moccasins, ballet shoes, booties and closed clogs.

Sandals: Sandals slippers are the plush upholstered version of the classic summer footwear essentials.

Orthopedics: These slippers are equipped with an orthopedic footbed to ensure the best arch and heel support. In addition to comfort, the orthopedic style can also improve foot alignment while restoring foot biomechanics.

Arch and heel support

The most supportive slippers include orthopedic footbeds, which can wrap your arches and cover your heels, making you feel more comfortable at every step. For patients with plantar fasciitis, arch and heel support are particularly important for stability and alignment. The clever cup-shaped heel also provides cushioning and absorbs shocks from hard floors.

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Those with impaired balance or any hip, knee or foot condition should choose a closed toe, closed heel design for maximum support.


For all-day comfort, look for models with extra cushioning to help disperse the impact of hitting the ground and reduce stress. Carbon, foam, and gel are commonly used in shoes to cushion the feet.


The outsole of the shoe is one of the most important features in consideration of safety and stability. Many slippers are designed with durable rubber outsoles that provide grip and traction to prevent sliding on various surfaces.

The outsole is also a key component to provide shock absorption, allowing you to walk comfortably and cushion the shock.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to wash slippers

    If you want to keep your slippers in good condition, you need to take care of them. Unless the instructions indicate otherwise, most slippers should be cleaned and air-dried on site. If you must dry them quickly, then using a hair dryer with the lowest heat setting should solve the problem.

    Please refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions, as each slippers requires special care. You may need to use a special suede and leather cleaner, then brush or use a soft cloth to remove any stains. If you are worried about odors, sprinkle some baking soda in each shoe and let it sit for a few hours. In addition to absorbing excess dirt and grease, baking soda can also deodorize shoes.

    For sheep leather or plush lined slippers, avoid harsh soaps and detergents because they can damage the material. If you experience any matting, use a shoe brush or dry towel to comb the knots. The vacuum hose can also remove any dirt and debris from the shoes.

  • Is it bad to wear slippers all day?

    If your slippers are well supported, you can wear them longer without any pain or discomfort. Wearing them around the house may also have benefits, including keeping the floor clean, providing warmth, ensuring you have good foot support, and most importantly, providing you with extra comfort.

    Walking barefoot on a hard surface for a long time can actually put pressure on the arch of the foot and cause heel pain and atrophy of the fat pad—especially those who are prone to plantar fasciitis.

    Although slippers provide some cushioning, they cannot provide the foot and ankle support needed for long-distance walking or sports activities. For this reason, you should wear slippers to wander around the house, perhaps casual errands. If your day requires a lot of walking or standing, choose fully supported and stable shoes.

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