The 9 best pillows of 2021

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Getting a good sleep is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your health. Research shows that the quality of your sleep is as important as the amount of time you sleep throughout the night. Studies have also shown that sleep interruption does not allow the brain to charge all the networks needed for functions such as normal metabolism, healthy cell reproduction, and even the regulation of emotions.

Sleep is as important to your health as your daily diet and exercise. However, there are several things that can prevent you from getting quality sleep, such as anxiety, chronic pain, excessive screen time, and improper eating.

In addition, comfort is directly related to good sleep, because it relaxes the body, calms anxiety and helps you fall asleep faster. This is why a high-quality pillow that fits your sleeping style is one of the most important purchases for you to get a good night’s sleep.

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This is the best pillow on the market.

Final verdict

The Malouf Swirling Dough Memory Foam Pillow (see Bed Bath & Beyond) is perfect for all types of sleepers and offers the option to customize the level of support you prefer.

What to look for in the pillow


A particularly strong pillow will maintain its shape, while a soft pillow will flatten and fit easily. Sturdy pillows are suitable for those who need more support, while soft pillows are ideal for those looking for adjustable comfort.

Sleeping position

Your sleeping position helps determine which type of pillow you need. Bedriddens may encounter greater challenges when looking for comfortable pillows, but they tend to choose soft pillows that are easy to flatten and fit. People who lie on their backs generally prefer medium support, while people who lie on their sides prefer sturdy pillows for optimal neck alignment.


If you sleep very hot or have night sweats, you may want to consider using a temperature-controlled pillow. Changing pillows according to the season is also a good choice-cool pillows may make sense in summer, but not in winter.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best way to clean the pillow?

    Unless your pillow states that it is “partially cleanable”, you will most likely be able to wash it gently in the washing machine. In order to obtain lasting support, they can only be cleaned once every 6 months.

    The detergent you use should be free of dyes and fragrances to prevent allergic reactions. If you have a down pillow, you should wash it with a small amount of washing powder because the liquid will stick to the feathers-leaving residue that can cause clumping.

    Pillowcases should be cleaned once a week.

  • Can you put the pillow in the dryer?

    Most pillows can be dried in a dryer. They are best dried at moderate temperatures, but you need to make sure they are completely dry, as too much moisture can cause mold.

    To prevent agglomeration, put several tennis balls and pillows into the dryer to bounce. Down pillows should be dried together with tennis balls in a non-heated environment to prevent agglomeration.

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