The benefits of anxiety and tension

We often hear about the negative aspects of anxiety, but are there any benefits or benefits of living with anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling usually characterized by strong fear, worry, and worry.

Many people with anxiety disorder describe it as a feeling of tension and fear, the best case is distraction, and the worst case is the consumption of everything. Anxiety is usually experienced on multiple levels, affecting a person’s mood, causing physical discomfort, and leading to negative thoughts.

positive influence

These anxiety symptoms are a common problem for people diagnosed with any type of anxiety disorder (including panic disorder). However, have you considered some of the positive effects that anxiety may bring?

Scientists have learned that a certain degree of stress or anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing.

Good stress, now called eustress, makes us motivated and excited about life.It seems that some degree of anxiety may have a similar “gleam of hope”. Let’s take a look at what they have been learning.

Anxiety as a warning sign

Anxiety may be just a warning sign to make you aware of your current situation and make some necessary changes in your life. Recurring worries and tensions may indicate that some aspect of your life is off track and needs adjustment.

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For example, you may find that your relationship is no longer effective, maybe your job has brought you a lot of pressure, or financial problems have made you sleepless and anxious.

Your symptoms may be difficult to control, but exploring and coping with anxiety can be a real opportunity for self-growth.

The next time you have an anxiety attack, consider how it affects you and what adjustments you may need to make in your life.

Anxiety as motivation

Anxiety is not always considered an obstacle, but can actually help you feel more motivated and prepared when facing challenges. Studies have shown that students and athletes who have experienced some anxiety actually perform better when tested or participating in competitive sports.

Likewise, a certain degree of anxiety in people with good working memory may actually improve cognitive test performance.Think about how your anxiety motivates you to succeed in certain areas of life.

For example, maybe your anxiety will help you put in extra effort at work or personal tasks, make a good impression, or move toward your goals. When considering your own anxiety, try to think of ways you can use it to stimulate your growth and self-improvement.

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Built-in warning system

Although it may seem useless at times, anxiety has a purpose. These feelings and symptoms are part of our innate way of dealing with stress. Known as the fight-or-flight response, anxiety is designed to protect us from danger and allow us to respond more quickly to emergencies.

When it comes to our ancestors, the stressful response to fight or flight prepares humans to fight back or escape life-threatening risks in the environment, such as dangerous animals or climatic conditions.

In modern times, anxiety may be a symptom that can help you react quickly while driving a car to avoid accidents or prevent you from entering unsafe places or environments.

A British study found that compared with adolescents without anxiety, teenagers with anxiety have fewer accidents and accidental deaths in early adulthood.In this sense, anxiety may be a sign that helps you stay safe.

Positive character traits in friendship

People who have dealt with anxiety disorders may be more compassionate and understanding of the problems faced by others.After experiencing personal struggles, you may become more sensitive, caring and accepting when friends and family face personal challenges.

Research shows that people with anxiety disorders are more concerned about how they interact with others. Have you noticed that you sometimes seem to be just the friend someone needs?

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In leadership

People with anxiety disorders may also be good at leadership roles because they will carefully consider the possibility of multiple outcomes. For example, many people with anxiety disorder describe it as having a high level of understanding of possible problems, making them more cautious thinkers, cautious decision makers, and excellent problem solvers.

Very good sentence

Although experiencing anxiety may have some potential benefits and it is worth pointing out to yourself, it can also become a real obstacle in many aspects of your life. Your struggle with anxiety may negatively affect your career, relationships, and personal ambitions.

If anxiety prevents you from living the life you want, it may be time to seek professional help. Your doctor or therapist will be able to determine whether your symptoms meet the criteria for anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or social anxiety disorder (SAD). In addition, she will be able to assist in the development of a treatment plan to help you better cope with anxiety.