The link between ADHD and boredom

When nothing in your environment attracts your interest or attention, you usually feel bored. Boredom may start in your thoughts, but it can also quickly affect your body and emotions.

For example, you may feel irritable or tired, and your mood will drop suddenly. Boredom is one of the things people with ADHD fear most, and they will do their best to avoid it.

Common signs of boredom

How many of them sound familiar?

  • If you are put on hold, you hang up; even if you are in the middle, you are solving an important problem.
  • You eat, even if you are not hungry.
  • You call someone you don’t like, just to find someone to talk to.
  • You postpone going to bed until you are completely exhausted to avoid the boredom of lying in bed waiting to fall asleep.
  • You are arguing with the service provider or your loved one.
  • You behave in a potentially dangerous way. For example, even if it is not completely safe, you can overtake because it is boring to drive behind them.

The opposite of boredom is interest, energy, and cheerfulness.

Adults with ADHD are always looking for new or exciting things, because when they are interested in something, the executive function of the brain will be activated and the brain will function well.

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When a task is boring, it is not only difficult to stay focused mentally, but it also has other negative consequences. For example, daytime sleepiness, even if you had enough sleep the night before, you will fall asleep midway through the activity. If the environment is not irritating, some people will feel depressed.

How to avoid boredom

Know yourself and your favorite ways to avoid boredom. Eliminating boredom includes trying new and different things, spending time with people, engaging in adrenaline activities, taking risks, solving problems, increasing exercise, “hands-on”, etc.

When you know your favorite way, design your life around these things, so every day is fun for you. This includes your job and how you handle the tasks in the job description, your hobbies, and how you complete ordinary tasks in life; such as doing housework.

be prepared

Life is full of delays, so there are all kinds of activities on hand. For example, if you are flying, bring a visual magazine, a book you can concentrate on, and a puzzle book.

Don’t get lucky, hope there is a good movie to watch, or you will sit next to an interesting person.

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Use timer

Using a timer can make even the most boring things interesting because it creates a sense of urgency and excitement. Play games with yourself. For example, see if you can finish all washing tasks in 15 minutes.


It’s good to have a sense of self that doesn’t like being bored so that you can do what you can to avoid it. However, don’t be too scared to be bored, or you will do anything to avoid it.

This is how the accident happened. If you are bored, knowing that you can sit and rest for a while will make you feel powerful.

Meditation and exercise are two daily habits that can help you endure the unexpected boring part of the day.

How to endure boredom

Unfortunately, boredom is not always avoidable. It is important to learn how to find a way to deal with these periods in order to avoid behaviors that may be inappropriate or inappropriate for this situation.

Find focus

When you find yourself feeling bored, look for things to focus on. Are you facing a problem that needs to be solved? List possible solutions in your mind. Finding the mental focus during these dull moments can help you get rid of boredom and use your time constructively.

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Practice mindfulness

It is also helpful to engage in brief mindful thinking. Pay attention to how you feel at the moment. Take some time to focus on your thoughts. Try to focus on your breathing. If you find yourself distracted, bring your attention back to the present moment.


If you find yourself really tired of boring daily tasks (folding clothes, washing dishes, etc.), try to let your mind wander around.

This enables you to think about things that bring you happiness or excite your interest, while still accomplishing the monotonous tasks that only need to be done.

Very good sentence

ADHD can be particularly difficult to deal with boredom, but finding a way to cope with dull moments can help. Being prepared may be one of the best tools for dealing with boredom.

When you have ADHD, focusing on a task usually means that it needs to be something you are interested in, want, or find challenging. When boredom strikes, turning to activities you like or challenging can help your brain get the stimulation it needs.