The pros and cons of using marijuana instead of alcohol

What is hemp maintenance?

Some people choose to use marijuana instead of alcohol when trying to quit drinking — a controversial practice called marijuana maintenance.

Those who support this approach believe that marijuana is far less harmful to human health than alcohol (the same argument is often used when comparing marijuana with cigarettes). Those who oppose this approach believe that if one substitutes one mind-changing drug for another, the sober goal will never be truly achieved.

Here are the pros and cons of using marijuana instead of alcohol, and resources you can turn to if you want to quit drinking or smoking.

Potential advantages of cannabis management

Proponents of cannabis management programs are often quick to point out that the evidence on the effectiveness of traditional rehabilitation programs such as anonymous abstainers (AA) is largely divided.

The results of the 2006 Cochrane research review showed that compared with other treatment models, the results obtained by AA patients were not significantly different.In addition, even studies that attribute the benefits to the AA method have concluded that successful sobriety is more related to the frequency of meeting attendance than the 12-step model itself.

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Alternative to abstinence

For those who are unable or unwilling to attend AA meetings on a regular basis, the failure rate is high. Proponents believe that these people may benefit from the use of marijuana management. The model recognizes that for some people, abstinence-based plans are impractical and unachievable.

Those who support this approach believe that if a person can gradually reduce their alcohol intake while using marijuana, many of the adverse effects of alcohol detoxification may be alleviated.

Reduce harm

Supporters of marijuana management programs often argue that the drug is demonized. Those who support the use of marijuana believe that, unlike alcohol, the use of marijuana does not have the risk of death due to overeating. They also pointed out that compared with alcohol, it has fewer drug interactions and may have a much smaller impact on a person’s long-term health.

Health benefits

In addition, supporters believe that compared with alcohol, cannabis may have some inherent benefits. Although there has been ongoing debate about whether moderate alcohol consumption may be beneficial to health, the effects of alcohol abuse can be catastrophic and increase the risk of breast cancer, birth defects, and other health problems.

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On the other hand, cannabis is said to have some health benefits that can make it useful in certain situations. For example, marijuana is often used to relieve pain, stimulate appetite, and improve mood.For people recovering from alcohol use disorder, these characteristics may be beneficial.

Potential disadvantages of cannabis management

Those who oppose the maintenance of marijuana believe that it is based on the premise that marijuana is not only safer than alcohol but also safe by default. They argued that because there is no evidence to support this premise, the promotion of cannabis management is unfounded and even unreasonable.

Cannabis dependence

The basis of alcohol recycling is the recognition that alcohol is harmful and that a person cannot control their use of the substance.Softening the blow essentially shows that marijuana Yes Something one can better control. It also infers that the self-awareness that a person should achieve during recovery can wait until they become stronger and no longer need marijuana or alcohol.

One of the most important potential pitfalls of using cannabis as an alternative therapy is the potential for dependence. Studies have shown that 30% of people who use cannabis suffer from cannabis use disorder to some extent.

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Negative health effects

Critics say this practice is just under the guise of marijuana as a less harmful alternative, and aims to replace one habit with another. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this may not be the case.There are several issues related to cannabis use, including:

  • Cannabis has long-term effects on human health. For example, it is associated with decreased bone density, decreased exercise endurance, impaired memory and cognitive abilities, and increased risk of lung disease.
  • Marijuana may cause underlying mental health conditions common to people who abuse alcohol.
  • Cannabis may have the potential as an entry drug. Theoretically, it may cause people with addictive behaviors to use other dangerous drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.

Reduce the effect of treatment

Some evidence also suggests that the use of marijuana actually interferes with efforts to stop alcohol use. A 2015 study found that smoking marijuana at the same time reduces a person’s chances of quitting other drugs or drinking a lot of alcohol.