Use art therapy and yoga to treat social anxiety

Art therapy and yoga can help relieve social anxiety. Melissa R. Giuttari is a licensed mental health consultant and certified yoga instructor responsible for treating people with social anxiety disorder.

Giuttari explains: “People with social anxiety disorder essentially think their environment and relationships are threatening and stressful.” “As a result, they will experience symptoms of panic, fear and even shame. The ability to change their views and remain calm under stressful situations. The ability to reduce social anxiety is the main factor in reducing social anxiety, at least in my method. Art therapy and yoga are the two methods I use to treat social anxiety with great success.”

Uniqueness of Art Therapy

Giuttari said: “Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art and creative processes to resolve emotional conflicts, thereby enhancing emotional, social and physical health.” “A basic premise of art therapy is that when you participate in the creative process— —For example, painting, writing, music production, dancing—you are activating the parts of your brain that generate ideas, inspiration, and insights.

“This flow of creativity brings us to’Aha!” moments, helping us discover new perspectives on stagnation issues. In the case of social anxiety, this can translate into changing our view of the environment from threatening to non-threatening. In addition to this, artworks produced in art therapy courses often reveal subconscious thoughts and serve as visual metaphors for emotional issues and conflicts. ”

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Use art therapy to help those with SAD

“Art therapy,” Giuttari explained, “For people who suffer from social anxiety for other reasons, it may be a very effective, efficient, and non-threatening treatment. Because one of the biggest obstacles for people with social anxiety is One is the difficulty in expressing emotions and worries with language. Art therapy is a gateway for natural communication when language is not available. This allows the therapist to identify problems and guide effective treatment processes.

“Another curative factor of art therapy for social anxiety disorder involves the sensory and kinesthetic aspects of artistic creation. Anxiety is mediated by the amygdala, which processes the emotional and sensory input from our environment. The creative process of art therapy can” Anxiety about speaking a level of cognitive experience that is sometimes unattainable. ”

The core of Giuttari’s approach to treating patients with social anxiety disorder is to “enhance your ability to stay in the present, here and now, instead of “flying away” with your worries. The art therapy process I use requires attention and attention to presentation, such as painting , Diary and guide image.

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“One of my favorite techniques is to create a self-portrait with a mirror,” she continued. “Not only does this make you aware of the present, but it also opens the door to exploring issues of identity and self-acceptance. The ability to engage in this kind of self-reflection and present moments of mindfulness will eventually lead to a significant decline if anxiety is not completely eliminated.”

Use yoga to reduce social anxiety

Giuttari explained that yoga is “a communication between body and mind.” “From a physiological point of view, certain yoga postures can produce neurological changes that reduce anxiety.

From a psychological point of view, the discipline of yoga allows us to practice observing our thoughts instead of acting on them.

“Yoga can teach you a lot about changing from different angles reaction In stressful or uncomfortable situations Choose your response carefully Case.

“The breathing method, or breathing method, is an indispensable part of yoga and has the same value in the treatment of social phobia. It sounds a bit funny, but this part of the work actually needs to help people learn how to breathe correctly!

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Giuttari pointed out: “When you are anxious, your breathing is very shallow, and you bring very little oxygen to your body.” “Once you deepen your breath and use diaphragmatic breathing, you will lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and eliminate fast Breathing, fundamentally eliminate the feeling of panic and anxiety.

“In short, social anxiety stems from a combination of thoughts, emotions, habits, and physical sensations. I like to use a comprehensive approach and customize my treatments in a way that is tailored to each person’s unique balance between these factors.”

Melissa R. Giuttari of LMHC has more than 16 years of work experience in children, adolescents and adults. She specializes in treating depression and anxiety, and uses tailored evidence-based methods for everyone. You can contact her at, or directly call 718.213.8664 or send an email to [email protected]