Very Weir’s 2021 Anti-racism Commitment

December 1, 2021

To our readers——

In June 2020, we shared VigorTip’s first anti-racism commitment-this is a detailed commitment to all those who visit VigorTip, so they may see themselves in the health and wellness content we create.

Our commitment details the specific goals we set to evaluate and improve the articles, artworks and sounds that make up our brand. We will continue to share our progress and findings on the basis of these goals.

Our goal continues to be to create inclusive content that encompasses readers’ geographic, ethnic, gender, and physical diversity. Some examples of this work include:

Why we created this promise

We formulated an anti-racism oath in response to the May 2020 killing of George Floyd, our country’s cultural assessment of racial justice and civil rights for black lives, and COVID-19’s impact on blacks and browns The disproportionate influence of race.

In 2021, the continued violence against black lives and the increase in physical attacks, verbal harassment, and other discriminatory acts against Asian Americans unfortunately remind us that systemic racism continues to oppress and harm the lives of all BIPOC individuals.

It has always been unacceptable, but we did not play an active role in the fight against it before we publicly promised it.

The work of becoming an anti-racist organization and supporting, protecting and empowering BIOC’s personal lives has never been completed. We once again promise and promise to keep our readers informed of tactical developments and new initiatives.

As a healthy website with more than 38 million readers every month, we are in a unique position to create positive changes. The first is to cover the subject areas that we ignore, to give us the voices that we ignore, and to represent the voices that we ignore.

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Our promise

We are committed to recruiting and expanding Black, Aboriginal, and People of Color (BIPOC) contributors throughout VigorTip.

In 2021, we will continue our recruitment efforts to diversify the voices of creating new articles on our website. We have also expanded these efforts to ensure that all those who have a direct influence on our content—including freelance editors, review committee members, expert sources, illustrators, and photographers—also include BIPOC’s views and experience.

We will work with diverse and sensitive editors to expand the representation of our content. In 2021, we will continue to commit to working with Dotdash’s anti-bias review committee to review 50% of our traffic to ensure that its language and content are inclusive.

In 2021, we will continue to work with the Anti-Prejudice Review Committee to review content to assess its inclusiveness and ensure that its language, images, and content are consistent with our commitment to fight racism and oppression.

The anti-bias review committee is composed of educators, advocates, public health experts, journalists, researchers, financial experts, and other professionals, each with a background that supports diversity, inclusion, and racial justice initiatives.

The anti-bias review committee members use their expertise and judgment to advise our editorial team on language, images, themes and tone to ensure content quality.

This feedback helps our editorial team create new best practices and policies, determine content update items, and correct errors, omissions, and incorrect information.

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Together, we will continue to determine the specific areas of improvement in the subject areas we cover so that we can update and modify the content to make it accurate, affirmative, and include more experience and identity.

Some examples of these types of update items include:

  • Views on addressing fat phobia and toxic food culture
  • Get rid of the strengthened dual gender perspective
  • Eliminate assumptions about the reader’s ability to obtain healthcare providers or seek care

We will strive to provide greater representation in our visual assets, including illustrations, photography, and video. In 2021, we continue to promise that at least 25% of traffic will contain visual assets, including BIOC.

As our content library continues to grow, we will maintain the diversity of visual performance by updating the visual assets of existing content and creating and purchasing illustrations, photos, and videos for new content.

We will prioritize the diversity of the internal team and devote ourselves to continuing education.

Although we have increased the diversity of editorial staff and brand leaders, including our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, we will continue to prioritize diversity and eliminate bias when recruiting new positions. This is our vacant position.

In 2021, we will extend these important principles from editorial staff to other internal teams that determine how we present our brand to the world, including our business, performance marketing, sales, technical, and support teams.

We will not display products, brands, authors, experts, influencers, or other sources with a known history of racism, including racist text, social media posts, images, or policies.

If we do this unknowingly, we will try to correct our mistakes immediately.

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We are committed to exploring and developing partnerships with other brands, organizations and leaders to promote inclusiveness in the health industry.

In 2021, we will collaborate with The White Dress Project and Alliance for Positive Change as part of VigorTip Health’s Health Divide series on health inequality.

Our commitment and commitment to these goals is part of our team’s ongoing efforts to listen, learn, and help our readers best take care of their physical and mental health.

To this end, our team will continue to work to build an anti-racist brand and community, recognize the racial inequality that affects the core content of our creation, and take action to resolve the inaccuracies and narratives that harm the most vulnerable among us.

Please continue to hold us accountable and believe that we are doing the same in our team. We want to hear how you feel about you, or what does not represent what you see throughout the VigorTip brand. Your feedback is very valuable and will help us continue to improve and grow. The purpose is to work together, not to create a shame that may lead to more divisions.

Please send an email to [email protected]

We make these changes today, and we will continue to work on these changes tomorrow and every day in the future. Thank you for being a member of the VigorTip community and working hard with us to do better.


VigorTip editorial team