What are the signs that someone does not want to be your friend?

Because humans are largely social animals, it is natural to desire company and company with others.

Although making and keeping friends is an important part of your social life and daily life, after a certain age, it becomes a little difficult to find like-minded people who are willing to share their happiness, fear, happiness and worries with you.

This may explain why finding someone who seems to be genuinely interested in spending leisure time with you can sometimes cause excessive excitement. This excitement can prevent you from seeing someone’s true intentions when interacting with you in some unexpected ways.

If you meet a new friend, or have an existing companion that you think is a friend, sometimes you may not be sure if they see you the same way.

To help you identify real friends from your acquaintances, we will share tips on precautions.

How to know if someone doesn’t want to be your friend

You always reach out first

Although it is undeniable that our daily lives will become very hectic, it may be a warning sign that you will find that you must constantly take the first step with your supposed friends, whether by phone, text message or email.

Think about who is starting the conversation. When you add things up, you find that 9 out of 10 (or 10) contacts establish contacts, it is your effort, and the other party may not regard you as their friend.

When you contact them, they will not respond enthusiastically

In another strike, a person may send a signal that they are not interested in a personal relationship with you, considering their reaction during your interaction.

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In this case, you may find that they only give a one-word answer to the question, or lack any real enthusiasm when hearing your message. This is usually compounded by the fact that you are likely to move to contact the base first.

It’s not that someone has to jump up happily in a metaphor when they hear your news, but friendship is a two-way street. If someone always sounds like doing other things, it means that they may be less interested in friendship.

They tend to be polite, but they will be cautious when talking with you

You can judge that a person is not very interested in becoming an acquaintance by checking how they talk to you.

Although friends may use relaxed language, share some jokes, or interact in other relaxed ways, a person who does not think you are a friend may sound more formal or formal, and will give a short answer when you meet them People or engage them in the conversation in other ways.

They avoid meeting or tend to cancel the plan

An unfortunate hurtful way to identify someone who is not interested in friendship is that you rarely see them.

After painstakingly inviting them to drink, open a gallery, check your apartment, or other occasions, there will always be an excuse to explain why they can’t attend on the specified date.

In a worse case, they may agree to meet with you, but only cancel on the same day through any number of postponements.

You put more effort than them

Calling to register, scheduling meetings, giving gifts, ensuring that their plants are watered by the way, and similar behaviors are all simple ways to show that you care about a person.

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If you find that you often put more effort into friendship, or show very unbalanced love for your so-called partner, it may mean that they see your interaction as something else, usually not friendship.

They will not interact with you on social media

Although this may not always indicate that a person does not want you to be a friend, paying attention to your social media interactions with them can more clearly portray the true state of your relationship.

If they don’t acknowledge your story or post, or even try to ignore your comments on their social media, it may mean that they don’t want to be seen with you in that space.

Avoiding social media may seem trivial, but it can be an effective way to determine how a person really feels about you.

Note that not everyone uses social media in the same way, so if someone is less open or communicates less on Facebook or Instagram, don’t assume that they are not your friends.

They only talk about their interests

In some special cases, a person may tick many small boxes that constitute friends: answer the phone, agree to a meeting, sign in from time to time, but depending on the topics covered by your interaction, you may be able to tell them whether it’s true Treat you as a true friend.

When you find it difficult to make any contribution in a conversation, because your acquaintances have been talking about their achievements, how they spent their week, which projects they find difficult, etc., it may indicate that they just see you Being a soundboard, less concerned about what may happen in your life.

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A friend will want to hear how you coped, any exciting projects you have been doing, they might even make fun of your love life, but you will always feel that this is an interaction rather than a therapy, there You must play the role of silent listener.

Very good sentence

There are many reasons why friendship is such an important part of our society. A true friend will serve you in good times and will lend a helping hand in not so good times. This is why you must be careful when choosing people to be part of your inner circle.

When a person does not regard you as a friend, you can tell you through their words and deeds, and the impact that their indifferent attitude may have on your happiness. Just as you cannot expect to be friends with everyone, not everyone will be friends with you. This is why it’s important to read these signs and stay away from people who don’t want to be friends instead of spending time trying to force something that doesn’t exist.

Although it may be painful to accept a cup of tea that you may not be alone, it can also be used as an opportunity to appreciate loved ones who are ready to help you in the same boat. It may be difficult to hold your jaw and come out of disappointment, but in the long run, it will make your life better.