When is the best time to quit smoking?

If you smoke, chances are you have already asked this question.”When is the best time to quit smoking?“If you have asked this question before, you may have heard this answer “now” or”You will exit when you are ready,” But these answers are unrealistic. If you plan a little in advance, you are more likely to succeed, and you don’t want to wait until you face serious smoking-related problems to be “ready.”

Let us see how to choose a time and date to quit smoking, which will give you the greatest chance of success.

Reasons to quit smoking

When planning a quit date, it’s helpful to first remind yourself why you’re doing this.have Considerable Reasons for quitting smoking, such as many smoking-related diseases, including smoking-related cancers.

But sometimes it is easier to think of the reasons why it will help you today. Some of these may include costs. What can you buy with the money you save? Not only the money to buy cigarettes, but also unnecessary purchases when you go to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Or how to wrinkle. The aging effects of smoking on the face and neck often precede terrible diseases. Or, maybe, how smoking affects your social life. Are there activities that you missed because you didn’t have a chance to smoke? Is it difficult for you to travel by air? Do you feel cold or hot outside the smoking room, while others are snuggling indoors comfortably?

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Even relationship. Will friends or family members complain about your smoking, making it a point of contention? If so, do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself in other ways because your smoking is on their list?

Choose a date to quit smoking

Life is very busy, and it seems that there is never a good time to quit smoking. Since this is one of the biggest obstacles, it is best to fix the date immediately. It’s easy to get off the track and look back after six months and realize that I have never persevered to the end.

Continue to choose a date, but please consider your schedule when making your choice. A little thought and planning will help you start from the right perspective.

Dates to avoid

Quitting smoking sometimes gets better and better. Avoid starting a smoking cessation plan when you are stressed. We all have stress in our daily lives, but if you are facing abnormal stress or have recently suffered losses, please consider giving yourself a little space between the event and the date of quitting smoking.

The early stages of quitting require a lot of attention, so if you have recently experienced or anticipated one of the following conditions, it makes sense to slightly change your quit date:

  • Important events such as upcoming marriages, graduation or final exams
  • Loss or traumatic events such as family death or divorce
  • Other particularly stressful events in your life
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Choose a meaningful date

Any date you successfully quit smoking will be meaningful. In other words, you may need to consider choosing a day that has special meaning to you. When people ask, this will also help you remember when you did not smoke. For most of us, quitting smoking is an emotional event, and choosing a date with personal significance can make it more important and serve as a motivation.

Popular dates to quit smoking include:

  • Birthday, whether it’s yours or your loved one’s
  • New Year
  • Great America Quit Smoking
  • World No Tobacco Day
  • July 4th, Independence Day

The sooner you start to quit smoking, the better. Every time you use tobacco, it will cause damage to your internal organs, and there is no way to know when toxins will cause illness. Tobacco causes more than 480,000 deaths in the United States each year. Globally, this number has risen to 6 to 8 million deaths due to tobacco use each year.

We know that 70% of smokers want to quit, and 40% have already tried it. The first step is to set a date to quit smoking. Having said that, please remember that as a smoker, you don’t need much to convince yourself to start quitting, so be careful not to avoid quitting because you are just not ready to face it.

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Prepare for your quit date

Before we finally decide to put down cigarettes and quit smoking, months or even years can easily slip away. Once you choose a date to quit smoking, Stick to it. In order to be prepared, a little preparation can greatly ensure your success.

Preparing to quit smoking can include learning about nicotine addiction as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, it is also helpful to write down all the reasons you quit. Before the day, you might want to think about rewards you can give yourself, and activities you can turn to if your desires go bad.

If possible, don’t give up this step. Research tells us that psychological preparation plays an important role in the likelihood of successful smoking cessation.

Quit smoking supplies

From hard candies to herbal teas, etc., a collection of smoking cessation supplies will relieve your nicotine addiction and allow you to spend the first day of quitting smoking.

Bottom line

Nicotine addiction is insidious, and the fear most of us feel when thinking about quitting smoking can be paralyzed. Don’t let this happen to you. Get serious, start planning and set a date to make your smoking cessation plan a reality. This is worth the work. Your precious and irreplaceable life is worth a moment of discomfort and challenge.