Why children with ADHD may have dyslexia

Many children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have difficulty reading comprehension.Because reading plays such an important role in a child’s life and even affects students’ self-esteem, it is important to realize that it disproportionately affects the literacy struggle of children with ADHD and seek help for them.

The importance of children’s reading

Regardless of whether the child has ADHD, reading is an important part of school and learning. Each subject area requires students to be able to understand the reading material and retain this information. This involves not only understanding the words in the paragraph, but also remembering, organizing, analyzing, and constructing the meaning of these words. When a student has a poor understanding of what he is reading, every academic functional area of ​​the student will be affected.

Delays in reading ability not only lead to learning gaps and academic setbacks, but also to students’ sense of inadequacy and self-awareness. Therefore, it is vital that children with dyslexia have access to resources to help them progress.

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How inattention can cause reading problems

If you find that a child with ADHD can read fluently and accurately when reading aloud to you, but cannot understand and remember what he has just read, then the problem of sustained attention is likely to hinder him.Many students with ADHD may fall behind in reading, omit phrases in the text, skip words or sentences, forget where they are on the page, and lack details and connections. This is especially obvious when the paragraph is long and complex. Boredom and fatigue will prevail, and attention will quickly shift elsewhere.

The role of working memory deficits

In addition to staying alert and resisting distractions, reading comprehension also requires students to be able to recall what they have read in previous sentences and paragraphs. In this way, she can develop and modify a full understanding of the information in each part of the text and how these components are related to each other. Processing and integrating all this information is complicated. Students must be able to organize the concepts in the text, select the most relevant information, keep the information in mind, and then analyze it.

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Children must also be able to retrieve, correlate, and apply relevant prior knowledge quickly and effectively in order to make inferences.

Tracking multiple concepts at once and continuous self-monitoring to ensure that what they are reading is meaningful can be very difficult for students with impaired working memory (usually a problem for children with ADHD).

What do reading problems mean to children?

If you are worried about your child’s reading comprehension, please consult a pediatrician. Sometimes these challenges are related to simultaneous dyslexia, such as dyslexia.The good news is that there are strategies to improve the reading comprehension of students with ADHD. With guidance, you can help your child gain correct reading skills and confidence.


Why children with ADHD may have dyslexia
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