Work for patients with generalized anxiety disorder

For people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the best jobs are those that can best use your strengths. Although having GAD may mean that you have a tendency to worry and over-analyze, it may also mean that you are good at collecting information or investigating problems.

Choose your career path

Of course, the first step in finding the job that suits you best will involve some introspection. What type of work have you done in the past? Do you like them or are you good at them?

Consider volunteering in a field for a few hours a week to see if it works for you. It doesn’t make sense to have no obligation to devote yourself to the profession and receive the necessary education, but find that you can’t stand the job.

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Assess job needs

Once you have assessed your personal affinity for different occupations, it is important to also consider the level of stress you will encounter at work. Although it is important to control your anxiety through medication and/or treatment, as a person with GAD, choosing an occupation without excessive stress or job requirements may also be helpful.

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It is possible that there is some kind of happy medium between low pressure and high pressure. Some studies have shown that, at least for women, working outside may have a buffering effect on stress.

A study published in the journal in 2017 Women and health Investigated the relationship between the occupation and stress and anxiety of Indian women, and found that the anxiety and stress of housewives are 1.2 times and 1.3 times higher than those of students and women who work outside the home.of

On the other hand, a 2007 study tested the effect of work stress on the depression and anxiety of young people at work. The longitudinal study was conducted from 1972 to 2005.

The results show that, compared with people who do not have the same job requirements, work stress is related to the double risk of major depression or generalized anxiety disorder, even in previously healthy people.This shows that learning how to deal with work stress or reducing work stress levels will help you move forward in your career.

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Find key features

As a person with GAD, your ideal career may include:

  • Work mentally involved will help prevent you from worrying too much. In other words, if you have too much time for work or not a lot of responsibilities, you may find your thoughts hovering over your troubles too often.
  • Work that can free you from anxiety can also help. Your independent occupation usually meets this requirement.
  • Work with your hobby of collecting information. You may be good at a job that requires you to investigate, suspect, or analyze data or other information to make a decision.

The following occupations are not necessarily “low-stress” occupations. However, a career that keeps you interested, focused, and stimulating may bring good pressure, but this will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Any new attempt requires close monitoring of your anxiety symptoms.

Keep in mind that many occupations have school education or training commitments that you must complete in order to be certified. Remember to investigate the requirements of a job yourself, or ask a friend or family member if they know someone who works in your area of ​​interest.

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It may also be helpful to discuss your concerns with someone who has the job you want. When you start investigating a career, consider the level of job requirements, the pressures you may face in each role, and how you will respond.